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These guys are fantastic. They are the most affordable lawn care service and the garden landscapers are very skilled at what they do.

  • Chandra Everly

This is the best lawn care service I have had for my backyard, will be back!

  • Brad T.

The expertise of their gardeners shines through. GardenersDocklands have completed a number of great jobs for me over the years. I never think they can match the standard of their last job, but they always do.

  • J. Flint

I was thrilled with the work undertaken by their gardeners. GardenersDocklands know how to create the right impression.

  • L. Coleman

My husband and I hire Garden Design Docklands a little while ago to get their help with garden landscaping. We wanted a new patio laid, and some work done to tidy up our lawn area, and the team were absolutely brilliant. Made sure we got the best quality without always recommending the most expensive products, and did all the work so quick I couldn't believe it. Now we have a gorgeous patio for our autumn BBQs.

  • Sheila Clarke

I manage 10 some properties around my home town. Awhile back I decided to hire a company on contract for all of the garden maintenance on all of the ten properties. I thoroughly researched all of the landscaping and gardening companies in the area and the staff at GardenersDocklands caught my attention with their helpfulness and low costs. These folks have been my permanent gardening contractors ever since.

  • Carrie E.

My elderly aunt was having difficulty in maintaining her property, so I rang up Garden Design Docklands. I felt my enquiries were answered in a trustworthy manner, so I decided to hire their crew. Their team arrived just as they said and went straight to the task. They were quite diligent and respectful of my property, taking care to only clear the areas assigned to them. I would recommend this gardening service. Well done, cheap prices.

  • Wyland Chubb

Not only are Garden Design Docklands the cheapest gardeners we could find, they are also the best we have ever used. Fantastic and we will use them again and again.

  • Laura Billings

The landscaping team from Garden Maintenance Docklands gave my garden a complete makeover - a new design that I love and that was beyond my wildest expectations. It was a pleasure doing business with their team.

  • Courtney D.

My dad's garden had become a right tip, so we were working together to clean it up. We cut grass and branches, scrapped some old furniture, tore down the shed and more. We were getting things sorted when we realised we didn't know how to get rid of all the clutter. We looked around and discovered Landscapers Docklands. We hired this team to safely collect everything from the garden and they did it with ease. The place was completely clean afterwards and my dad now has a great garden.

  • Lisa McDonnell

Garden Design Docklands finished our gardening job a few days before they were due to and not because they rushed it all. In fact, it was due to their hard-working and dedicated team and we were very impressed by them. They worked so hard and made sure we were happy with everything they were doing. A team that go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers!

  • Louise

The gardener I hired from Landscapers Docklands is the best I've ever had! I've used a few companies in the past but have never been too impressed with the help I was given. This company, however, really took my needs into account and worked hard to provide me with a thorough and professional service. I love using this service and would recommend it!

  • Victoria Fletcher

Their gardeners really understood what I wanted when discussing my garden design and took all my wishes on board, incorporating them into the project to design the garden of my dreams. They were also very hard working and left my garden in an immaculate condition. It was a low cost garden makeover that ticked all the boxes. Great stuff from Landscapers Docklands.

  • Danny

Thanks so much to Garden Design Docklands for your amazing work. Your garden care service is the best I have used. As I'm so busy with work, I don't have much free time to do the gardening and so I find it best to leave it to the professionals, who know what they are doing. I can't praise this company enough! Recommended!!!

  • Vanessa Chase

Garden Design Docklands have been taking care of my grass cutting for the last few weeks now and they have done a terrific job. They have made sure my lawn looks good and the job is done quickly.

  • Paula Kelly

Looking for a gardening company that can provide you with fast and efficient services at an affordable price? I was in your position a few months ago. I found GardenersDocklands and I am so glad that I did, as a friend picked another gardening company around the same time for their gardening jobs and had a very unfortunate experience with them! Stay safe - pick this company!

  • Cristina Watts

I just had my garden landscaped and it looks absolutely wonderful. I used the gardening expertise of Garden Maintenance Docklands and they supplied a great service from start to finish. My garden didn't look great and really needed a transformation, to get it looking nicer for the summer. The project took a while to arrange as the garden was large and I had a new pond constructed as well as other decorative changes. The end result was fabulous and worth the money. Thanks so much!

  • Adrienne Allison

Garden Maintenance Docklands accomplished a great deal in a very short amount of time. I told them what I needed and they agreed and took responsibility over my gardening tasks. They were professional throughout and quickly took care of everything that needed seeing to. A job well done!

  • Laura Barmen

I had just moved into a new house and was eager to get to work to make it right for me. The garden was a top priority, so I called GardenersDocklands for help. I had heard only good things about their landscaping services so I was eager to see what they could do. They arrived on a Monday, worked each day through Thursday, and with the work done, I had a lovely, clean and healthy garden. I was very impressed with the results and only wished they could decorate my house too!

  • Liz Jones

I can only praise the efforts that the gardeners from Garden Design Docklands, put into making my garden look so lively and stunning. I now see passers by giving my garden a second look. I had initially called them in for trimming and hedging but now I am planning to seek help with regular garden maintenance. Hope to see you around soon!

  • Brian B.

I really do love my garden and do take pride over its appearance, but of late due to a hectic work life, it's been very difficult to find the time or the energy to see to its upkeep. So I called in Garden Maintenance Docklands and was absolutely amazed with the work they carried out. They completely turned around the state of my garden and reversed the many weeks of neglect. For that I was very thankful, so a big thumbs up from me to everyone involved.

  • Nadia

Landscapers Docklands's gardening experts are always reliable and efficient. They know their stuff too as they've been in the local area for years. I always use them for all my gardening jobs, big or small because they're always so cheap, it doesn't make sense to do it myself!

  • Arthur

Our new cottage is home to a lot of trees and has an enchanting garden as well. When an expert gardener from Garden Design Docklands arrived to draw up a contract with us, we liked the meticulous and professional plan that he drew for us. His suggestion to line up gravel to make a rustic pathway caught the interest of my family. The weed control, garden clean up and patio maintenance work that they undertook has been impeccable. The team involved us as well, as we love gardening. I would highly recommend this company.

  • Brian G.

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